5×5 Telecom has partnered with Rising Realty Partners to update older buildings and make them accessible for even the most tech-savvy of businesses. We offer tenants high quality fiber-based high-speed internet service, in-building Wi-Fi, and business-class VoIP phone services. That’s all with service, flexibility, and pricing that trumps typical telecom offerings. This in turn dramatically improved building occupancy and rates.

For example, in an RRP building with 5×5, it has never taken longer than just two days to enable new service for a tenant, even for those requiring levels of service that take 2-3 months to install with other telecom providers. Additionally, tenants are able to work in common areas, restaurants in the building, and even in a park across the street using 5×5 provided WiFi service. Most importantly for owners and operators, building vacancy rates are now extremely low and rates are up dramatically, easily justifying the capex spent to improve the building’s telecom infrastructure.