5×5 presents the perfect solution to an often encountered problem. Simply put, 5×5 simplifies the way in which tenants purchase phone, Internet and television. Because your business matters, we’ve put your communication access needs first. We do this by empowering commercial landlords to offer the best quickly installed phone & internet service, giving tenants one less thing to worry about.

We’ve partnered with Rising Realty Partners (RRP), an industry leader in Los Angeles commercial Real Estate to bring you the highest level of service available. 5×5  is RRP’s preferred internet and telecom services provider, powering the RRP headquarters in the PacMutual building in downtown Los Angeles. It’s rapidly expanding throughout other bustling commercial buildings in the greater Los Angeles area and beyond.


5×5 telecom brings together industry leading real estate experience with state-of-the-art communications, bringing you next level service along with cost-effective end goals. We do this by utilizing fiber-optic data transport, hosted VoIP Telephone, satellite/cable TV, in-building cellular, and riser/cable management.


A solid foundation of forward-thinking vision and function brings with it faster speeds and lowered costs. 5×5’s in-building presence means installs can typically be completed in one to two days instead of weeks to months, the standard for other fiber-based services.  Prospective tenants find value in knowing they can be up-and-running quickly.  For building owners, getting a tenant connected sooner means a better bottom line.


We created The Open-Office Technology Experience so you can work how you want, when you want, where you want.  It’s a truly seamless integration of the best ideas in workplace technology experience. 5×5 also provides property-wide SSID branding opportunities for tenants, reinforcing employee participation while increasing productivity and morale.

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Faced with the challenge of implementing service for a 100 year-old building 5x5 Telecom and Rising Realty Partners have jointly made the next step in facilitating deep communication services implementation. By partnering to provide a one-­of-­a-­kind workplace experience combining industry-­defining management and design expertise they are able to enable the latest in secure networking technology. READ MORE