Tom Purcell

Tom Purcell is the Chief Financial Officer of 5x5 Telecom.

His telecom background spans three decades and ranges from working for internet service providers EarthLink & WebTV, to helping develop the T-Mobile Sidekick, the first US smartphone to deploy the current app ecosystem model popularized by the iPhone.

His love for all things telecom started with a cost-cutting project to find efficiencies for Pacific Bell in its Network Operations division and spent time in Central Offices - where saw his first magical copper wires as they snaked in from the street in massive bundles and spread out onto the giant “frames” in the Central Office. Following that early schooling in copper, Tom beamed into space where he helped evaluate an early satellite television business. Then, he helped raise the first $10M for Danger Research where he ideated one of the first wireless smartphones.

Stints at EarthLink, SK/EarthLink and 3jam followed, where he deepened and broadened his understanding across Internet Service Provider, wireless and mobile businesses. Before 5x5, Tom attended Harvard for business school, helped raise early funding for a premier anti-cancer & de-aging biotech and also launched his own biotech special purpose vehicle, which he still manages.

Tom has experienced success, challenges and outright failure across both large and small companies and uses his breadth of experience to help guide 5x5 as it works to change commercial internet services. During his career, Tom has raised over $100M in capital and as CFO ensures that 5x5 can stay focused on customers, product, execution and growth.

Tom is an avid father, racer of windsurfers, basketball gym rat and microbiome geek.