5 Reasons 5×5 Telecom is better for Your business



Experience & Trust

5×5 serves 1000’s of users ranging from small law offices to Fortune 100® Companies. We continually invest in our infrastructure and team to bring you the highest level of service available.



Technology & Services

5×5’s network only utilizes data center hardware, from the data center all the way to you, the customer. No other carrier makes this investment.



Open Office Experience

5×5 enables a seamless workplace technology experience, ensuring efficiency and productivity through Connected Square Footage™.



Industry-LEADING Customer Service

5×5 customers receive the highest level of service and the quickest turnaround. Installs are completed with 24-48 hours. All tickets are answered within 15 minutes. 99.99 SLA is standard.



Your Brand in Mind

With Connected Square Footage™, 5×5 provides property-wide SSID branding opportunities for your business.