+ How are your rates 1/3 the cost of competitors?

Everything about our business is more efficient from how we engineer our fiber networks to our provisioning process. This allows us to invest capital where it counts for you: In a better network. The hardware we install at multiple locations in every project is the same hardware you will find in our data center. This investment means better service to you, which ultimately equals more customers for us.

+ What speed internet service should I order? How much bandwidth does our office need?

Bandwidth requirements vary based on three factors: the type of work you do, where your files are stored, and how many users use your internet service. At the most basic level, if you work on files locally and transmit and receive few attachments, a low-bandwidth connection may be fine for a small group. If you work in the cloud or deal with large files, you need more bandwidth. Most 5x5 customers range between 100x100 and 1 Gig x 1 Gig.

+ How quickly am I able to get my service running?

From contract execution to installation, our standard install is 24-48 hours. We do not charge extra for this. If you need it sooner, we can typically do it sooner.

+ What is your SLA (Service Level Agreement)?

5x5 Telecom has an industry-leading Service Level Agreement as part of your service.

+ What is the fastest speed I can get?

Any speed you like, literally.

+ Can I access my 5x5 internet service in the lobby, coffee shop and other common areas at my office building?

Yes. 5x5's Connected™ Square Footage program provides your own office wireless network throughout the property at the same speed and security as in your office.