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Want to double your office internet speed at no extra cost?

Get 5x5’s enterprise fiber internet service in your office for the life of your current ISP contract at no charge*. It’s simple.

Step 1 - Make the smart decision to double your internet speed.

Step 2 - Contact 5x5 to activate your free enterprise internet service today.

Step 3 - Pay your current bill until your contract runs out. That’s it.

Fill out this form and we will contact you, email thesmartchoice@5x5tele.com or call (213) 465-4036

*New Customers Only. Up to 1gb. Offer valid through July 31, 2019. Contract begins with service activation and must extend at least one year past your current contract. 5x5 reserves the right to buy out or otherwise pay current carrier termination fees to cancel current carrier contract.

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